We're creating Authentic Connections

About The Somatic Consent Academy

WE created this community platform to have an authentic WE space. 

We want more attention on engagement, Interact with real people, ask you questions, connect through personal messages, host live zoom calls, and more to build a real community. 

Ultimately, fostering a real relationship with you. That is the essence of the Somatic Consent Academy, To unlearn old conditionings and create loving connections to self, others, and the world we live in.

Why join?

👉If Pleasing and Enduring are the main hidden survival strategies that you have

👉and you use all kinds of coping mechanisms to fit in, to be liked, to be loved, and to belong,

👉you learn how to empower yourself and
make your coping mechanisms 


You'll Discover...

#1: The 4 mistakes most people make to get stuck in their relationships and how to change them.

#2: The 4 Pillars of Relating, how to go deep in your intimate relationship with YOUR partner and life what you really want. 

#3: How to tap into the magic of 'Action' that is allowing you to receive full and maintain integrity while having a huge impact in all your relationships.

Once you are in, you have access to:

  • Weekly foundation calls
  • Weekly guided waking up the hand's meditation 
  • Monthly ConsentLab 
  • Somatic Consent app
  • Foundations of Somatic Consent online course
  • Different Individual Coaching programs
  • ...and so much more

And last but not least a powerful community with transformation experts in all walks of life where you can find like-minded explorers to practice with in-person or online.  


Try 2 weeks for free and see you inside.    


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