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The Online Academy for leadership. Master The Art of Being You to Embody Pleasure, Desire & Consent

About The Somatic Consent Academy

Why join?

It can sometimes feel hard to go it alone.

We invite you to journey with others who are into Consent, Touch, and Pleasure.

 To engage with like-minded you can connect and exchange practice with, people who feel.

It’s really soothing to come together with others with the same values. It’s very supportive for individual learnings and for professionals in this field to connect on an international level.

The Somatic Consent Academy gives you this opportunity to meet others who share common values. Join other Explorers for learning about pleasure and communication and get new ideas for your carrier.

Sharing space together with other people who want to feel more empowerment in the world may become the most essential part of your life.

We welcome real people like you and love to get to know you individually.

You can, of course, join the community anytime but if you join, today I’d love to offer you a free and individual onboarding call to get to know me from the start, throughout the adventure. 

Would you like to be there from the beginning?

All the best, Matt and the Somatic Consent Academy Team

👉you learn how to empower yourself and
others and make your coping mechanisms 


Once you are in, you have access to:

  • Weekly foundation calls
  • Weekly guided waking up the hand's meditation 
  • Monthly ConsentLab 
  • Different Individual Coaching programs (Individual, Relational,  Professional Mastery)
  • ...and so much more

And last but not least a powerful community with transformation experts in all walks of life where you can find like-minded explorers to practice with in-person or online.


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